Kimiya Karimee Tehrani

The world size is skinny perfect

Mix-media /Acrylic, Posca pen


Malerei und Prozess

The work of Kimiya Karimee Tehrani is displayed by 6 paintings that portray the discrimination against bodies and the consequences of this action on our bodies. The artist hopes that in this series the viewer can feel what the clients feel and what Kimiya felt while she was struggling in the past with bad body-image day and harmed herself with starvation. A body of studies shows that only 5% of the population in the world looks like the bodies that are seen in movies, television and magazines. It means 95% think that they are different and ugly. The Idea of Avocado and carrot mostly comes from the beauty standard that categorizes bodies to various fruit shapes. Those who belong to the apple or pear shape category are considered ugly or bad!  However, from the perspective of the artist Kimiya Karimee Tehrani, an avocado is one level higher than an apple in this division! Avocado is the one who has fat in its body unapologetically! This is contemplated as the ultimate anxiety in the beauty industry! Kimiya tried to compact all of the feelings that she saw her clients have under the eye of a perfectionist and fat-phobic world and express them through her art.